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Benjamin, Sonya

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Essay on How I Communicate


     I am most comfortable when I communicate through writing. Although I can work within groups and say what’s on my mind when I’m talking with people close to me, I am not the kind of person who would volunteer to do presentations or speak publicly. This is ironic, since I have chosen a profession that requires a fair amount of exposure. As this is the case, I prefer to use my writing voice when communicating, as I feel I express myself better that way.  Since writing is an integral part of this business, I am confident this is the right type of job for me.


     As a shy individual, I sometimes rely on technology to do the talking for me. The Internet plays a huge role in the way I communicate with others. I chat daily on Windows Live Messenger with my friends and family, which is a good way to keep in touch with people who live far away. Also, it allows me to write things I wouldn’t normally say in person. I’ve developed a habit of checking my Facebook, E-mail and Twitter accounts daily.  Social networking is a major part of my everyday life now as I find it quick and convenient. In my eyes it is perfect for busy people (and a lot cheaper than calling someone long distance!).


     You also won’t find me anywhere without my cell phone. Although I have a Hamilton number, I can use it to send text messages no matter where I go. Texting is a great method of communication because for me it’s convenient. When I’m finished classes and I’m looking for my twin sister (who also attends Ryerson University), I can simply text her and find out where she is. I feel very fortunate to be able to be in contact with people so easily.


       I also feel I rely so heavily on these types of communication because they come with their own language. For example, I can type “LOL” if I’m laughing or “TTYL” if I have to leave, and the person receiving my message will be able to understand. I can communicate the message a lot faster that way, which can be an advantage. If I’m busy or I need to get in touch with someone quickly, I can simply condense my message into a faster – yet still understandable – version of itself.  


     Although I do rely heavily on technology to communicate, I would be lying if I said I didn’t prefer the old-fashioned way in some cases. For example, if I have a heart-felt message to send to someone, I prefer to write it out myself and give it to him or her in person. I especially like getting hand-written letters back, as there’s something authentic and personal about reading messages that are written out. So instead of sending a friend an e-card for her birthday, I would actually write a message out on a tangible birthday card. After all, I feel the internet can’t replace everything.  


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