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Chung, Madelyn

Page history last edited by Madelyn Chung 11 years, 8 months ago

Madelyn Chung

e-mail: madelyn.chung@ryerson.ca  

twitter: madelynsw / thechicspot

delicious: madelynsw

blog: http://thechicspot.blogspot.com

adorned magazinehttp://adornedmagazine.com/author/madelyn-chung/



How I communicate



I’d be lost without my iPhone.


I use it so often, it has to be recharged several times a day. Once, while speaking to my now ex-boyfriend, I even managed to kill the battery while it was plugged into the charger.




I’m the kind of person who loves to be in touch with people. From lengthy phone calls, to roughly 50 sent text messages a day, it’s no wonder my phone bill reaches astronomical figures each month.


Thank goodness for unlimited text messaging, evening and weekend calls, and an excellent data plan, or I would be drowning in debt to my father.


But somehow, texting and phone calls just aren’t enough to satisfy my daily communication fix.


I’m, of course, addicted to Facebook, and probably check it at least 5 times an hour.  The app on my phone helps make this possible. There’s something so thrilling about watching that red notification bubble pop up, I just can’t seem to get enough.


I’ve become so obsessed with Twitter that I have not one, but two apps for it on my phone. Who would have thought that tweeting your way through the day would be so much fun? Plus, seeing my favourite celebrities tweet about their broken hearts, their family troubles and of course, their latest projects is such a guilty pleasure that deserves attention.


I also enjoy IM-ing my friends through MSN Messenger, Skype and AIM, usually simultaneously.  It’s a tough job, but somehow I manage. Besides, it makes for a much more interesting morning commute.


I’ve become so attached to my phone that if ever I forget it at home, I feel naked. Not being able to check it regularly to see if anyone has messaged or called me is torture. Even with my iPhone in my purse, I suffer from ringxiety, a syndrome where you constantly feel like your phone is ringing, or in my case, vibrating. It’s always so disappointing, realizing that no one is actually texting or calling you, and it usually causes me to text someone in order to receive a reply. 


The only problem I have with my beloved iPhone is the touchscreen keyboard.  I can’t seem to type or text as fast as I would like, which is really frustrating. Faster typing skills = more incoming messages per minute.  But I’m sure the geniuses at Apple will come up with a solution soon.




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Kevin Young said

at 1:43 am on Sep 21, 2009

I know for a fact that you communicate more than that, Mady. :)

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