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Contact Diary - Hackers

Page history last edited by Lauren Strapagiel 11 years, 7 months ago

Patrick's Contacts


Contacted and awaiting response-



Patrick - DS Homebrew Community and Maker Culture


  • htheb@supercard.fr- Developer of msn application for the DS- responded, working on getting skype interview setup. Apparently he does not have access to a computer right now. I told me he can answer a few questions through email over his phone though. He responded with answers full of detail but refuses to give me his real name. I explained to him how important his actual name is to my story but he still refuses.
  • Sent message to gameup developer  osup.info@gmail.com-Tried to get a sykpe interview, he told me his spoken english is not very good so he does not feel comfortable being recorded. He did however agree to answer a few questions over email.
  • DS Colours! developer- jens@collectingsmiles.com- Contacted agreed to skype interview but does not want to be recorded and featured in a podcast. Emailed him some questions, still waiting for a response. Received answers
  • me@tobw.net- DS Homebrew Developer of music tracker- Set up interview over skype video for wednesday. I'm hoping things will go well. Interview went awesome, have alot of good audio for the podcast.
  •  Raymond Feltzer-Quebec-High school student- Took over the dsdoom port after the original dev's disappeared. I asked him a few questions on his websites forum as he does not want to have his voice recorded.
  • Jeremy Smith, "Sumigutchi"-DS homebrew developer and Iphone Developer- He develops games for the DS homebrew community rather than apps. Interviewing him this Tuesday at 9 p.m. sumiguchi@gmail.com



Lauren's contacts:


Mark Surman - executive director of the Mozilla Foundation


Update: contact made! Interview on Friday, Nov. 13


David Humphrey - Professor, Seneca College

email: david.humphrey@senecac.on.ca

Spoke with him at FSOSS, got audio + pics


Chris Tyler -  Coordinator, Toronto Open Source Week

email: chris.tyler@senecac.on.ca

Spoke with him at FSOSS


Taras Glek - Platform engineer at Mozilla

email: tglek@mozilla.com

Spoke with him at FSOSS, got audio + pics


Frank Hecker - Director, Grants and Programs, Mozilla Foundation

email: hecker@mozillafoundation.org

Spoke with him at FSOSS, got audio + pics


Dr. Vojislav Misic - Ryerson computer science prof

email: vmisic@ryerson.ca x6697

Interviewed for another article, but had a talk about open source and the sense of community and collaboration surrounding it.


Brendan Sera-Shiar - Web Designer

email: brendan.sera-shriar@optimalpayments.com

Spoke at FSOSS about how its difficult for casual users to understand open source due to a lack of information. Also said he was a Wordpress evangelist.


Chelsea Novak - Fundraising & Engagement Manager for Mozilla Foundation

I visited the Mozilla offices on November 11th and talked to Chelsea, and gathered audio/video/pics



Luke's Contacts 


Simon Cater- .net programmer for web dovellopment who started "Copper Starfish" with some friends. He's been programming for the iPhone for about a year, they have a few successfully released apps, but their main complaint is not getting much recognition.

   email- simon.cater@googlemail.com

                    -i've been talking back and forth with him over email for about a week, just brought up the skype convo, will start pushing my deadline to get the interview out of the way.


Jay Freeman- founder and programmer at Cydia, open source programming platform and market venue for open source iPhone Apps.

     email- saurik@saurik.com 

                    - again been tlaking to him over email, though after having indicated availability for an interview, he's been spotty and tough to get back in touch with. I'm still waiting to hear back from him. Still hopeful but I'm not banking on it anymore.


Ben Galbraith- bgalbs (twitter) been messaging back and forth with him for a while now, he's one of the Mozilla guys turned Palm Pre programmer. He's saying he's slammed with work and unable to talk at the moment, he wanted to talk after December (uh oh). Still trying to coax him into a short 5 min convo, but i'm not keeping my hope high with him. 


Mark Pavlidis- programmer that worked on apple platform and has switched over to iPhone and iPod apps. Been shooting him messages on email and twitter, he just got back to me last night. I'll do my best to chat with him this week.


email- mark@pavlidis.ca

phone- 416-890-7946


Steph's Contacts


Mark Argo- a prof in New Media here at Ryerson. Has a passion for personalizing gadgets- mark.argo@ryerson.ca or x6858. Sent an email.


James Arlen aka Myrcurial- founder of think|haus, a hacker/maker space in Hamilton. Got some good footage already, will try to work with sound. myrcurial@thinkhaus.org


Darin White - Director, Kwartzlab, a hacker/maker space in Kitchener-Waterloo region. More of a maker/fabricator, but there are software folks he can link us with, more than happy to help - dw@kwartzlab.ca - www.kwartzlab.ca (a maybe)


Leigh Honeywell of hacklab.to - leigh@hypatia.ca - http://hacklab.to (e-mailed again. Waiting for reply.) Since Ignite TO was bumped, we can go shoot some footage of the Toronto hacker space next week perhaps?

Howard Rheingold - digital journalist, hacker enthusiast and professor at Berkeley and Stanford- hlr@well.com. Emailed and set up interview via Skype, but it will be late (Nov. 16)


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