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Elevator Pitch- Politics

Page history last edited by Kelley, Shannon 11 years, 1 month ago

Making changes from the bottom up. Who has political power? Does Stephen Harper because he's our Prime Minister? For sure. Does David K.R. Thomson because he is one of Canada's wealthiest men and also chairman of mega-media company Thomson Reuters? Yah- he's got some sway. But how about ordinary citizens who come together to champion certain causes, or try to tackle certain socio-economic problems. DARN RIGHT THEY DO. And that what maker culture politics is all about. People united in cause- who work together to spread their message- whatever it may be- and to set change in action. Whether at the local, provincial, national or global level, examples of maker culture politics are everywhere. In this episode, we'll show you political change is not confined to parliament hill, it's anywhere there's people coming together to make change happen.


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