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From Lindsay Gibb (editor of Broken Pencil):


From Amber Forrester (author of zine, Culture Slut)


From Darius Mirshahi (founder of the Empowerment Resource Centre):






MASH UPS (Brittany)





From Sarah Evans (founder of the Roberts Street Social Centre):


From Chris Landry (author of punk rock zine Kissoff)


From Alex Wrekk (author of Stolen Sharpie Revolution - D-I-Y resource to zines and zine culture)





Amber Forrester and Miranda Elizabeth, both 24, have been making zines since they were 16. Currently, Forrester is the author of Culture Slut and Fight Boredom while her sister writes Little Acorns, Telegram Ma’am, and Edith. Isabella Ssozi interviewed the twins at Hallowzine 2009, at the Toronto Zine Library.

To find out more about Forrester, check out her blog: http://hello-amber.blogspot.com/

Ottawa-native Chris Landry, 30, makes a punk zine called Kiss Off. Isabella Ssozi also interviewed him at Hallowzine 2009.