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Food Episode

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Patel, Arti | McDermott, Vincent  | Benjamin, Sonya | Vrankulj, Adam | Nathler, Christian


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You just finished making dinner, and a pile of stems, seeds and rhinds are left on your cutting board.

Most of us do not think of food beyond satisfying our hunger. While many of us rely on a soulless neighbourhood grocery store for food, some have grown their own food organically and fresh, choosing self-reliance and ingenuity over long line-ups and outrageous prices. Others think outside the box, and use their food for art instead of a meal: jewellery, clothing, makeup, or art.


Picture yourself making  your own whiskey and beer before a big party, or growing your own fresh produce section in the backyard. Imagine using eggs and oatmeal to create an inexpensive moisturizer or even a detailed canvas painting. These people are food hackers and they found that playing with their food is a good thing, despite what our mothers told us.






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Oct 1 Hey, we have an assignment due Oct 9 by 1

Oct 9 Everyone work on the wiki and add your own sections, then we can edit, TOXBOX is also cool! 

Oct 9 Everyone, we are meeting at 4 at the journalism lounge right, I know some people can't make it just start writing My number is 647-828-1126 (Arti)

See you guys then. If anyone wants to get anything done earlier, I am hanging around the RCC doing some writing all day.

-Adam 416-200-6298

-Scratch that, how about we do this online? The TokBox in the wiki? Skype video? This way, we can all edit the doc at the same time, while communicating.

THe likelihood of getting a row of 5 computers is looking pretty poor right now at Ryerson (midterm time).


Oct 10 Hey group, I think the proposal looks good. Arti, you've formatted it beautifully- looks great. Any think else you guys think we should add? Last night, I added a new graf to the elevator pitch. Arti, you think it still needs more?


Oct. 23 Hey group, Sonya here. I believe we have another draft of the proposal due next week. Did everyone get interviews done this week? And are we meeting up anytime soon?


Comments (2)

Julianne Hazlewood said

at 5:21 pm on Oct 19, 2009

Hey, Julianne here from the Issues and What's Next group...

I thought of something that may be of interest to your group. Toronto Sprouts supplies sprouts for stores and restaurants in Toronto. I used to go in there all the time when they had a store near Bathurst and Bloor - they grew all their sprouts in the back, trays and trays of it.

But they don't only sell sprouts, they hold sprouting classes to teach people how to grow their own sprouts. Check out http://www.torontosprouts.com/Toronto_Sprouts/Sprouting_Class.html

There's actually a class tonight from 7-9. The next class is Nov 4. at the same time. Classes are held at the Centre for Social Innovation near Spadina and Dundas.

I also have a question for you guys. I'm focusing on the legal aspect of “Issues and What's Next”, and Christian’s section peaked my interest, specifically the alcohol distilling part. I will be speaking to some legal experts on the issue, but I was also interested in speaking with your contact Stephanie Kittell.

I don’t know if you’ve already interviewed her yet, but if so, do you think she’d be interested in doing another interview with me? I’d also love to speak with Duncan Strathearn...not sure the latest status on using his name..but do you think he’d talk to me either as himself or an anonymous source?

Thanks! You can message me back on the wiki or send me an email at jhazlewo@uwo.ca

Savithri said

at 12:14 pm on Oct 22, 2009

Hey Guys,

The North York Harvest Food Bank also has a great community garden. They are promoting nutritious, fresh food in urban settings plus it helps them serve their clients in the summer months when donations are low.



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