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Hacker Podcast Episode Notes

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Produced and Hosted by:


Steph Gellatly

Patrick O'Rourke

Lauren Strapagiel

Luke Vandezande



Content Summary:


This MakerCulture episode will hacksplore the world of technology. Users are never satisfied with their devices, and now we have the resources to make things work the way we want them to. In an increasingly collaborative, open source world, from hardware to software, we can come together and shape technology – we can all be makers. But what makes people want to hack?



Sub features:


Hacking's phreaky history

Fresh, homemade mobile innovation

Closed platforms: why there ‘isn’t an app for that’

A 'beat to save the open web



Featuring interviews with:


Howard Rheingold: www.rheingold.com

Andrew Currie: www.andrewcurrie.ca

Tobias Weyland: http://return1.net/site/ppm

Mark Pavlidis: www.pavlidis.ca

Chelsea Novak: www.herhighnessness.wordpress.com

Mark Surman: www.commonspace.wordpress.com

James Arlen: twitter.com/myrcurial



Music Credit:  All music courtesy of Learning Music www.learningmusicmonthly.com


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