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Job Opp

Page history last edited by Wayne MacPhail 10 years, 12 months ago
Hi guys,
Just following up on Sue's email from yesterday - our company are CFTPA members and are applying for this grant - but we need the perfect intern to co-apply with, right away!  Job description is below.  The job would pay about $800/ week, with flexible hours, and start in mid-November.  Please send your awesome candidates my way (contact info below), preferably by midnight tonight!  Thanks all - Katie
PTV Productions seeks a CTFPA New Media Production intern to assist in the development and launch of an innovative cross-platform content initiative. "Inside Disaster" is a three-part documentary series following aid beneficiaries and humanitarian workers in the aftermath of a natural disaster.  The accompanying website, currently in development, is intended to extend, enrich and compliment the content of the documentary series.  
The candidate will work closely with PTV Internet Director Katie McKenna and Andrea Nemtin, Executive Producer of the website and documentary series, as we develop and launch the website for Inside Disaster.  
During their internship period, the intern will: 
- Write and edit copy for the website
- Learn about and contribute to Bell New Media funding applications
- Learn how to strategically present and share content through website wireframes
- Research audience scope for the website and help shape the site infrastructure to meet that audience's needs
- Geotag and upload photos, video and blog content to Flickr & Google maps as it arrives from the field
- Disseminate website content through cutting-edge social media outreach
- Help create the Information Architecture to present and share hundreds of photos, videos and articles on the website
- Screen raw footage from the documentary shoot to identify clips and scenes that could be repurposed online
- Help design and create an interactive role-playing experience about real-world decisions faced by aid workers and beneficiaries in the aftermath of a natural disaster.
The intern will be compensated above the minimum rate, receive credit on the website, and have a strong chance of long-term work within the PTV Digital team.  Because of the challenging and dynamic nature of this internship, preference will be given to candidates with basic programming and design skills, who are strong copywriters, and have some previous experience in documentary or new media production.  
Interested candidates should immediately contact Katie McKenna with a resume, cover letter, and description of how this internship will further their career goals:
Katie McKenna
Office: 416-531-0100 x229
On 27-Oct-09, at 3:04 PM, Sue Biely wrote:
Hey all you Canadian WOC-ers,

Just a note that the CFTPA (Canadian Film & Television Producers Association)New Media Producer Mentorship deadline is coming up on Monday Nov 2nd. Your company needs to become a member of the CFTPA to apply ($330 + gst + one time initiation fee of $250) but then if your application is supported the ROI flows in! Here are the deets and the link ishttp://www.cftpa.ca/mentorship/programs_and_application_forms/

Deadline: November 2, 2009

Spots Available: 5

Duration of Placement: 18 weeks

Intern Stipend: $12,000 (minimum); $8,500 from the Program and minimum $3,500 from mentor

Eligibility: No age limit. Placement must focus on content creation for cross platform, convergent and interactive media projects.

Hope you are all doing well! 



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