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Medium: Coffee: Artist Package

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This is essentially a basic latte art competition, but none of the people pouring the art are baristas.


In a normal latte art competition, everyone gets together, and from a randomly selected order, comes to the counter to make their art and pass it to the judges for judging.

Before the latte slowly falls apart and the milk separates, each latte will be photographed for fair comparison later.


Don't worry though, participants won't need to know how to pull the shots of espresso, or steam the milk. Their job will only be to make the coffee beautiful!

Though a brief tutorial on latte art will be given at the beginning of the event, here is a video that will help to better understand the latte art process. Though this example uses soap, we will be using milk. This video is a good reference to learn quickly and simply, how to pour the art. Ignore the information about steaming the milk and focus on how to pour the milk to create the art on the top of the drink:




There are two parts to this competition. The first part is a regular latte art pour, and the second is an etched latte art pour.

The difference is, with the regular latte art pour, you use only the milk and the espresso. Etched latte art, on the other hand, employs the use of tools and various ingredients. 


Here is a youtube video that shows a good example of a regular pour:




With an etched pour, competitiors can use a multitude of different ingredients and tools. Provided at the event will be chocolate syrup, spoons, a stylus, cinnamon and cocoa. The following youtube video some shows a good and simple example of etched latte art:



Youtube is a great resource for videos of latte art, but these are only the basics. Feel free to search for more to get a better sense of how it is done, and what it tends to look like. Trust me, you can spend an entire day watching videos of latte art on youtube.


Here is the agenda and order of the night:


1). 8 p.m. arrival/ meet and greet. We will provide pizza and beverages to eat, and we can all mingle and get to know eachother before the event begins.

2). Brief Latte art tutorial

3). Latte Art Competition begins at 9 p.m.

               -each participant will get five chances to create Latte Art, and all five attempts will be recorded and photographed for judging.

               -There will be a panel of 3 judges who will be looking for contrast, symmetry, handle position, spills, use of bowl size and complexity at Grinder

4). The entire event is going to be streamed live online, and online users will also be judging the latte art through a chat room.


--------------------Part 2- Etched Latte Art---------------------------

5). The same system and order as the regular latte pour will be used, but instead of using only milk and coffee, competitors will be allowed to use chocolate syrup, spoons, a stylus, cinnamon or cocoa.

7). Similar live and online judging system

8). Winner of each category (regular and etched) will win prizes

6). We will hang out, listen to music, drink coffee and eat, as the night slowly comes to an end.


As this is being streamed and recorded live online, we would like to have a full cafe, so bring your friends! Everyone will have fun (and pizza!).


If you are reading this as someone already confirmed to participate, thanks! We're all really excited. This is going to be a great night!

If you are reading this, and would lilke to participate or just come out to watch and drink lattes, let us know! RSVP to Arti Patel arti.patel@ryerson.ca   or twitter @grindercoffee


We would love to have you come out, eat some pizza, and make some latte art!


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