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Notes - Hackers

Page history last edited by Steph Gellatly 11 years ago

Lauren: I think we need to narrow the scope a bit here. Let's drop the interview with the guy in Calgary.


Maker, Hacker, Fabricator teams! For sure get at least one team member out to this event in Hamilton, Oct 2-3




Idea: How-tos for every feature 

 Voice Mind Map




Oct. 4, 2009

Hey team, I found something I think you all should read if you haven't already. The Hacker's Manifesto, here's the link-





Oct. 4 2009

Hi guys. Posted this on Twitter, but I figured I should drop it here too. This is a documentary about Mozilla and how they went open source. Really interesting look at Silicon Valley/programmer culture. http://waxy.org/2009/07/code_rush_in_the_creative_commons/




Nov. 16 

Hey hacksplorers! I sent out a tweet about rights-free/managed podcast music. I got a few responses which I think merit some listening. Also, a friend of a friend who has some sweet stuff. Check out links below and we'll collaborate.














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