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Notes - Politics

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-change camp


- World Social Forum, people taking personal responsibility for their own politics. (Bolivia)

- Conal said there was an interview by someone involved with Change Camp about Obama's ground-up political movement. Moveon.org. Tons of young people came out to vote when they wouldn't have otherwise.


-'online presence moving people to action: ex from SOCAP 09 conference in San Fran= Invisible Children http://www.invisiblechildren.com/about/ourStory . What was supposed to be a documentary trip to Africa to shoot a doc but the doc grew to become a NGO that gives back to the community where the doc was filmed. An interesting progression from something that was supposed to be a report turning into a huge project/solution.. might be worth checking out in more detail or finding other similar examples.



-the ability for people to easily spread their message via the net holds businesses and other power-weilders accountable when it comes to their methods of operation. Ex: secret footage of a chicken egg hatchery in Iowa that went viral opened the public's eyes to an instance of food production gone bad. Company had some backpeddling to do. Here's the vid (as well as the website dedicated to this kind of thing) http://www.mercyforanimals.org/hatchery/

An segment idea might be to look at how makerculture spurs social awarness and political action.


-look at people taking personal responsibility for social change.


-in terms of people taking responsibility for social change, there's a group right here in London called LifeSPIN. http://www.execulink.com/~life/index.html The organization is dedicated to providing support to low income families. They do things like run a free store where money is not necessary get things like food and clothes. I thought this might be a good group to look at in terms of what some people in our local area are doing to politically take things into their own hands and produce a political makerculture.   --- Katie


Delicious tag - #mcpol


Informing Communities

Sustaining Democracy in a Digital Age - important new report for you guys - Wayne




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Comments (6)

Wayne MacPhail said

at 10:44 am on Sep 30, 2009

You guys should def. get out to this event. Judy Rebick is a key interivew. So is Velcrow Ripper.

Wayne MacPhail said

at 2:08 pm on Sep 30, 2009

If you can, track down a copy of Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman. MakerCulture lifehacker bible of its time http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steal_This_Book

Alana Power said

at 3:29 pm on Oct 1, 2009

Our delicious tag is #mcpol

Wayne MacPhail said

at 4:01 pm on Oct 7, 2009

Toronto BikeCamp coming up October 17, should be there http://mail.google.com/mail/#inbox/1243089bbb5d1afc

Wayne MacPhail said

at 8:54 am on Oct 19, 2009

Judy Rebick will be at the Hyland Theatre tonight in London. Good chance to interview her.

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