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Welcome to the Maker Culture podcast, the Science edition!


In this episode we talk to people around the globe about citizen science - regular people, like you and me, doing science from the comfort of their homes. We'll take you through the maker science worlds of Folding@Home and Galaxy Zoo ; the first,  software that lets you to do genetic research from your desktop; the second a website where you can help scientists classify never-before-seen galaxies.


We'll also take a look at how science is changing from the inside out. We'll look at mathoverflow - a website made for mathematicians by mathematicians - all in the name of collaboration. We'll explore how experiments can be conducted online in parapsychology research. And we'll have a special guest who worked alongside Doug Engelbart, the man who invented the mouse.


Thanks for listening, and remember - you don't need a white coat to do science!


Total time: 20:41

Music: Squarehead by Roglok







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