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Podcast Resources

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For podsafe music visit http://www.musicalley.com/ 


Note on music for your podcast

You cannot use

You cannot, even in short samples and bursts, use an commercial music in your podcast. None.

No Lady Gaga, no Beyonce, nothing, not even playing in the background in a coffeeshop as you interview someone.


You can use

What you can use is podsafe music from  http://www.musicalley.com/  if you register as a podcast producer.


You can also use public domain music (older classical music, folksongs etc.) provided the performance is also public domain. You cannot, for example, use Glenn Gould's performance of the Goldberg Variations just because Bach's work is in the public domain.


You can also use non-label band music provided the group is not doing cover songs and that they give you written (email) permission to use the music. Save that email. In the case of bands that give permission you must mention the band and song with a link in your shownotes and verbally in the podcast itself. Credit where credit is due.


You can also use any music you create and perform yourself provided it is not a cover song and provided you are using samples/tracks that are public domain or license-free (like the tracks in Garageband).


Hope that's clear. If you have any doubts, ask me.


- Wayne






Podcast Structure

This is the network sting that must go on the front of your podcast

rabble radio intro.wav 


after the network sting, cross dissolve into the show sting


Maker Culture Podcast Intro.aif


Next, you voice (over the bed of music from the Maker Culture Podcast sound file about three or four seconds after Kevin finishes the intro (I've given you lots of bedtrack to talk over and fade down, or you can crossfade in your own music as soon as you like.





Hello and welcome to the maker culture podcast, co-published by Rabble.ca and The Tyee.ca.

Maker Culture?

That’s coders, fabricators, foodies, artists, educators, activists, even scientists grabbing the Do-It-Yourself ethic with both hands and changing our world in the process. This episode, we get OUR hands around…..


After that generic intro, which you voice, you're straight into your show, which should start with your BILLS (what the shows about)




EXTRO SCRIPT (which you voice)

And, that's it for this episode of MakerCulture - Taking Things Into Our Own Hands. If you'd like to send us feedback on this show, or on any episode in the series, you can do that at makingmakers@me.com.


And, please join in the discuss on babble at http://rabble.ca/babble or on The Tyee at http://thetyee.com


We'd love it if you subscribed to this series on the rabble podcast network at rabble.ca/rpn or in iTunes so you can get the next episode fresh from our maker hands to your ears.


We're going to leave you with a song from BAND NAME. In the spirit of YOUR EPISODE THEME, this is SONG TITLE, you can learn more about BAND NAME at BAND'S URL.


Thanks for listening. Remember, it's your world, what are you going to make of it?


PODSAFE SONG specific to your theme plays through to end of song.



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Arti Patel said

at 12:39 pm on Nov 8, 2009

thanks for this!

Karolynvig985 said

at 12:14 pm on May 3, 2011

Mark, is it possible to know the song you use in the intro of the podcast, as well as the specific definition of those words you use at the end in russian! thx!
for more info please visit:

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