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Publication Progress

Page history last edited by Wayne MacPhail 10 years, 10 months ago

September 20

In the last few days I've been in touch with David Beers at The Tyee and Kim Elliott (publisher) and Derrick O'Keefee (editor) at rabble.ca to sort out the logistics of publishing this series.


They're all really excited about the scope and freshness of the work and I've shared our mindmap, blog and wiki with them so they can watch the progress.


At this point we're thinking that:


  • The features will appear on The Tyee
  • The podcasts will be part of the rabble podcast network
  • Videos will be placed on You Tube
  • Our blog will be a stand-alone element of the feature linked to as appropriate


The content will be aggregated two ways. On The Tyee, the videos and podcasts will be embedded in the features (which can also contain sidebars).

On rabble.ca, the content will be aggregated via RSS on a specific issues page set up for the feature.


That's the plan so far. Will provide more details as the deliberations continue.


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