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Solski, Lauren

Page history last edited by Lauren Solski 11 years, 1 month ago

Twitter: laurensolski

Email: lauren.solski@ryerson.ca/ljsolski@gmail.com

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How I Communicate

My life revolves around social networking and communication. I live to communicate and I communicate to live.


Since the age of six, I knew talking was something I would always do well. I grew up immersed in a world of theatre, song and dance. My parents are theatre buffs, and I was the child following in their footsteps. I became comfortable with using my voice and started expressing my opinions. I remember providing input to directors regarding stage placement and ways to deliver lines. I became known in our theatre group as the kid who was always talking. No one could keep me silent, and I liked that.

Learning to act at a young age helped me in more ways than simply entertaining a crowd. Along with expression of speech, I learned how to communicate with my body. Body language is, and will always be, a major form of communication. No matter what new technology rolls around, face-to-face communication (involving body language) will remain forever.

As I became older, I realized talking and using my body were not the only forms of communication I thoroughly enjoyed; writing was becoming a large obsession. I would write everything down on paper; what I ate, saw and heard would fill up the vacant pages of my lock & key diary.  I often found myself unable to sleep until every last thought I had was documented. I would stay up past my bedtime and write under my sheets to avoid being discovered.

Today I find myself combining all of my childhood communicating obsessions in a very different way. I not only communicate with friends and family through speech and body, but I also express myself through writing on the internet. In this world of technology, text messaging and Facebook have become a main way to communicate. It blows my mind to know everyone in the world can be connected through the internet. A technology allowing billions to communicate so easily will no doubt become quite popular (like e-mail, twitter or Facebook). As you can see, this is the virus I have caught! I can’t go anywhere without my phone or having an internet connection. As long as I can access my e-mail and Facebook, I am sane. To me, losing my internet connection or to be without a phone is like losing heat and water for some. If I cannot be connected with the world, I lose my mind!

I will always have a talkative girl inside me, but for now, technology allows me to communicate with millions through the written word.

Comments (1)

Wayne MacPhail said

at 7:01 pm on Sep 20, 2009

Nice, frank essay, Lauren, thank you. I like the connections you make between speech, body language, theatre and social media. Well observed.

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