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Vandezande, Luke

Page history last edited by Luke Vandezande 11 years, 2 months ago



twitter: lukevandezande


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You're entering a warm room. The door is made of heavy oak, and as you enter the smell of mothballs tickles the inside of your nose. The walls are paneled with a redwood that glows when you flick the lights which cascade form the ceiling. They are wrapped in a crystal chandelier which spirals into the room, sending little flecks of white light across the walls.


The podium where you are meant to stand is right in front of you, made of the same redwood. It's glistening surface is only out-shined by  your gold cuff links which clink together as you rest your wrists behind the stand. 


Your lungs feel heavy with the richness of the room and the weight of your suit. You are at peace and soon you will speak to a small crowd, but for now you absorb the room which will be your catalyst.


As you exhale the murmur of a crowd trickles into the room. The tranquility you felt is replaced by fear. How can you talk to these people about communicating when that's what you are already doing by being there?


There is no time left for questions, it's too late. Now you only have two 2 options- be silent or speak. The first will make you look foolish. The second has potential to do the same, but what is life without risk? Tie off the knot in your stomach and be a man. Talk to these people, and remember what it is you mean to convey.




It is essential to all human beings, and we love inventing new ways of doing it.


So here are the essentials. You communicate by conveying information. We've created a lot of gadgets to make that easier faster and more fun.


The biggest issue about communication isn't the subject itself, but how you relate to it. You, and everyone else started out by learning to talk. Once you had that mastered, you probably transitioned to using a phone, because it made talking over long distances possible. Years ago you might have written a letter, and mailed it with the help of the postal service, but now we have the internet, and it's revolutionized the way we communicate. You Facebook, you tweet, you text and email until your fingers and eyes bleed.


With each new communicative invention, there must be a way of consolidating, improving, and reinventing something that people have always done. We're slaves to the devices we buy, and we love it.


You do too. Admit it. Have you ever seen someone panic about being out of cell range? What a ridiculous thing to worry about. God forbid you should be without your email and Facebook friends for a moment. So we communicate through our computers, Blackberries, and iPhones, and we continue to work ourselves into a talking frenzy to which we eagerly subscribe.


Just as that thought concludes you realize you've been silent at the podium doing just what you feared. Not communicating. But it's OK, you just crack a smile, greet everyone, and start talking.



Comments (2)

Wayne MacPhail said

at 8:55 pm on Sep 21, 2009

Nice piece of writing. Hoped you would focus more on how you, personally, communicate, but nice piece of writing.

Luke Vandezande said

at 11:09 am on Sep 25, 2009

thanks, to be honest I thought you might say that. I just wasnt sure how to attack the piece so i thought it would be funny to add some prose instead of just listing how I like to communicate. Not really my usual style (at least I'm not generally that flowery) but I thought it would be fun to go outside what seemed like the expected submission.

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