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George McKay in Party and Protest in Nineties Britain (1998) calls D-I-Y "a combination of inspiring action, narcissism, youthful arrogance, principle, ahistoricism, idealism, indulgence, reactivity, plagiarism, as well as the rejection and embracing alike of technological innovation."


Quick facts

·         Independently produced

·         Often photocopied, not printed

·         Circulation of under 1500 (debatable)

·         Topics covered: anything and everything -- politics, music, cinema, feminism (Beautiful Bras and Body Hair), sex, cultural and social issues

·         Antecedents: pamphlets of the American revolution, the emancipation of slaves, women’s suffrage, and the civil rights movement 


Co-founder Anna Leventhal on Montreal's Bibliograph/e: It serves as a kind of "nexus for people who are interested in alternative media, original writing and weird art."  The Toronto Zine Library Collective's Tara Bursey likens zine libraries to political infoshops in that they "provide people with a venue for free information exchange and learning without interference or moderation.  Both are places that could be considered alternative learning centres or 'free schools.'" (Michelle Kay, ‘Zine libraries: alternative learning centres with couches’)



Research to date (1st proposal)

-Used Google and delicious to generate relevant websites

-Searched through the links on select sites, such as Broken Pencil and greatworm.ca

-Browsed through some zines online

-Created a list of key questions, which once narrowed down, will guide the rest of my research


Assumptions to date (1st proposal)

-Zines make very little money, if at all

-Readers and creators of these publications are self-declared “non-conformists”

-Traditional media are not threatened by the trend


Interview subjects

See contact list - media



Focus, Scope and Angle of the piece (TBD)



Media choices (1st proposal)

+ zine graphics in the feature story

+ footage from Canzine in the video

+ most powerful interview clips in the podcast 


Z links
















pacquiao vs marquez 3

watch pacquiao vs marquez 3

watch pacquiao vs marquez 3 

mayweather vs ortiz

floyd mayweather vs victor ortiz

from english to spanish

free translation english to spanish

dora games

dora games


Some interview questions for zines




1.     Have the internet, blogging, and social media erased the need for zines? They do provide cheaper means of expressing oneself and spreading subcultures.

2.     Sell out for sale? Some zines are now magazines. What’s up with that? Think “Bust” and “Daze & Confused”.

3.     What’s in a name? What shall we call a magazine versus a zine?

4.     CH-ch-ch-changes! How have zines evolved through the decades?


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