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What is Educational Partnership Program and Its Benefit

Online Universities has a strong interest in enhancing education opportunities for the youth, specially for working adults, homeschooling students and job seeker. To pursue this assignment, Online Universities has developed and maintained education partnership program with many of the traditional schools, collages, institutes and universities.

Educational partnerships are in place to develop mutually beneficial opportunities for students, educators, educational institutes etc.

The objectives of the partnerships are to:

  • Develop and deliver programs that have a direct benefit to the student and to the partners.
  • Share innovative approaches and programs conducive to the continuous professional and technical growth of the partners and speeding education.
  • Explore opportunity to develop business relationships and provide quality education with the partners.
  • Inform the world about university partnership initiatives and successes.

Below is a brief description of the programs the partnerships support.

Educational Organization

If you are an educational organization in any region of the world – whether big or small, recognized or unrecognized, – or plan to start your own institution, you can collaborate with online universities and offer programs in your institution in coordination with The University alliance.

Educational Counselor

If you are an educational agent, educational consultant or counselor in any region of the world, or planning to start somewhat like this, you can collaborate with online universities and become University’s representative in your own region.

Companies, Organizations or Employers

If you are a company, employer or organization running any kind and size of business in any region of the world, you can collaborate with Online Universities and earn big discounts on your employees’ desired education. This university partnership program will increase your employees’ educational standard, and increase their job satisfaction and preservation at the same time.

Huge Groups

 If you are a huge group such as union, military, bar or any other group in any region of the world, you can collaborate with Online Universities and earn massive discounts for all your group members on their desired education at The University.

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