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about graphic designs

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The Graphic Designer involved in a transdisciplinary team (marketing, editorial manager, engineer, designer, etc ...) in a comprehensive and contextual to transform an original idea or technology into a product. For this, he created the style, the frame and provides the future use of the product:



* What does that matter

    * What we see,

    * What we feel and

    * How it is used.


The creation of the look and feel, is an incarnation of the Design Act, passed by resolution of the following specific steps:



Situation [edit]


Graphic Design and Graphic Design Servicesis first to identify the context and the users of a numerical device. He is then to define the architecture and functional characteristics of the service. This complexity is represented in usage scenarios corporate identity designs &desktop publishing designs illustrated notebooks positioning, editorial charters, service charters and charters functional (images, trees, maps, diagrams).

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