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desgin informations

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The information society and digital communication sets a new industry and new economic paradigms that have a direct impact on the role of the designer. In this context, the question of supply and product logo designs is central.


The design of industrial product design evolves and becomes digital. It is the continuation of the application process to create innovative industrial design products and services from information technology and communication.

These products and services are visible or invisible hybridization networks, information, actions and people. Their shapes are all immaterial (web, software, operating system, communication system) and hardware (phone, PDA, computer, television, blogdget, NéoObjets, home automation, etc.). This new design is part of the major challenges of Service Design: create the relationship, simplicity, desire, ownership and practices possible. It applies the approach sensitive analysis, proposal and creation of design to new issues of human, cultural, economic, political and technological posed by the digital industry. The designer is an integrator, a point of convergence of forces of a transdisciplinary team to our product or service. The digital designer is a force of proposal and creation.


In this context, it is specifically wearer steps of non-technological innovations, its capacity to imagine, to write and to represent possible uses and practices from technology by configuring products /graphic designs services usable and desirable. The digital design and web design services is a creative synthesis and sensitive components of a project. A balanced ecosystem between producers and users of the product that responds to new cultural, social and industrial.

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