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a computer for novices

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Computers in many different shapes, sizes and formats, and new this would be very confusing. Here, we will try to explain some terminology.

What is the difference? Used and new computer? + Machine? Then the second-hand computer will be a good thing, but in day to day will be outdated and obsolete parts. The machine will never be able to calculate the most modern features, such as audio or video editing and finding parts will be a nightmare. You spend such money can buy you a new part, the latest machines. Unless you only need to type the occasional letter, these machines should be avoided.

Here, we will try to explain in detail each part of the computer


In most cases in today's ATX format although smaller, more compact cases (ITX Motherboard / A botulinum toxin) are becoming more popular, especially in home theater / media center system. If you plan to add more hardware in the future, such as hard drives or CD / DVD drive, so make sure you buy a case has empty 5 1 / 4 "bit, to support this. Otherwise, you have to put everything from your old case of a new or cancel upgrade.

** Note to note:

All of the ATX motherboard micro ATX chassis are not suitable for


These can be very confusing, because the number and variety of hardware Ling today. The main option is to support AMD processors, motherboards, and those who support the Intel processor. AMD processors are not suitable for circuit board design of the Intel processors, and vice versa. Usually determined by the type of processor socket boards / socket, which they determine what types of processors may be. The following is a rough guide:

AMD's Duron / Athlon - Socket A (Discontinued)

AMD's 64 - 754,939

, AMD 64 × 2, Exchange - Socket 939

AMD Sempron - Socket A, 754

Intel P3 - Socket 370

Intel P4 (including Celeron) - Support for Socket 478 (becoming obsolete), 775

Budget - Socket A, 754,478

Mid-Autumn Festival - socket 754,775

Pro - Socket 939,940

Hard Drive:

For the average everyday computing a 40 GB 7200 RPM hard drive fine. If you want to store large amounts of data, then the bigger the better. It may even be worth having an extra hard drive for additional storage and backup. In addition to size, hard drive also measure their speed and buffer size. Common speed is 7200rpm and 2MB or 8MB buffer size.

Newer serial ATA or SATA or SATA2 hard disk drive interface provides faster data transfer and more of today's standards.

Budget - 40 - 80 GB 7200 RPM 2/8MB buffer

Mid-Autumn Festival - 80 GB of IDE or SATA +

Pro - 200GB of + the SATA, SATA2 interfaces

Memory: This is the demobilization of various types and specifications of this. Faster than DDR 400 DDR 266. The newer DDR2 memory speed faster.

Budget - 256 MB DDR +

Mid - 512 MB of DDR,

Pro - 1 GB of + the DDR, DDR2

Systems are usually sold, minimum 128 MB of memory, although we recommend atleast 256 MB + for Windows XP


Human brain and your computer's main choice between AMD and Intel, although there are other people from the VIA / Cyrix's. Processor also has the cache and bus speed. Similarly, the higher the number the better the performance.

Budget - AMD Sempron 2600 +, Intel Celeron 2GHz +

Mid-Autumn Festival - AMD Sempron 2800 +, AMD's 64, Intel P4 5 Series

Pro - AMD 64 FX or dual-core company, Intel P4 of 6 and 8 Series


For everyday computing or office work fine on board graphics. If you plan to play games, watch DVD, or photo / video editing, we recommend to get a decent card. The card has its own dedicated memory and more memory the better. The presence of 2 standard card - AGP and newer, faster PCI - Express for.

Budget - 64 MB of onboard or cheap + AGP card

Mid - 128 MB's - 256 MB of AGP

Pro - The PCI - Fast × 16 card

The CD / DVD Drive:

Basic is the CD - ROM drive will read only CD - ROM's. Next, the cdrw can write data to a blank CDR. And then the DVD - ROM drive can read DVD discs. Finally, writable DVD to a blank DVD media atleast 4.7 GB in size.

Budget - CD, DVD

Mid-Autumn Festival - the cdrw, the cdrw / DVD combination

Pro - Double DVD


TFT screen again, the bigger the better and become more and more popular

Budget - 17 "CRT Monitor

Medium-term - 15 - 17 "LCD, 19" CRT Monitor

Pro - 19 "LCD

Operating System:

Atleast go for the Microsoft Windows XP Home. Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and other things in the past will only hinder your PC's performance and computing experience. In addition, these operating systems do not support.

Budget - XP Home Edition

Mid-Autumn Festival - XP Professional, XP MCE 2005

Pro - Windows Server 2003 in

The USB:

Connect to the computer for a variety of hardware and each other, such as printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc. USB 2.0 is better and faster. All of our systems are atleast 4 * USB2.0 ports.


The same idea, because although not every system on the USB standard.

Most memory

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