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Guide: Matching Clothing Colour to Skin Tone

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If you read the article Direct newer models on how to look good without wearing makeup, you read about how to wear colors that suit your complexion can get a better look.

People complexion can be grouped into four types, named after the four seasons.

Skinned people generally have a spring, creamy white or peach complexion with golden hues. Their hair tends to be straw-colored or strawberry-blonde and they have freckles and rosy cheeks. They also normally have blue eyes or green.

Clothes dyed in warm colors of spring itself, while dull and dark colors are to be avoided. colors to wear are camel, peach and yellow gold and brown.

Skinned people have been shades of blue or pink and their skin is pale and pink. Summer complexions tend to have brown hair with light eyes, or they may have naturally blonde hair.

The pastel colors and a neutral tone summer dress, and lavender, pink, brown and shades of plum. Models Direct noted that black and orange are two colors that should be avoided.

Like the color of the leaves of the season, autumn complexions have golden highlights. Golden brown eyes, brunettes and redheads often fit into this category complexion.

Those autumn complexions should choose clothes in colors that, like their skin, have shades of gold and avoid the colors in shades such as navy blue. Colors that suit autumn include Camel, orange, beige, gold and brown.

As the summers, mild winters have blue or pink shades. skin color can be anything from pale to dark olive, and many of the adjustment of Asian or African in category winter. Generally, people with winter complexions have brown hair and dark eyes.

Bright, vivid colors look great on the skin of winter, including black, white and pink. If you go for a lighter color, winters should avoid pastels and go instead for something more chilling. Gold, orange and beige should be avoided.

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